1.   Various departments at Shifa International Hospital (SIH) follow an extensive CME programmes scheduled independently in the absence of any central coordination/controlling body. PMDC has demanded of the Hospital that it be accredited with it for formal recognition of all CME activities.  To facilitate all departments in their respective CME activities, the Office of Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME) has been approved as the central body for coordination of all CME activities at SIH and re-designated as Office of PGME/CME.  For better coordination and for the purpose of uniformity the following guide lines are being issued for a period of one year after which these will be revised to in- cooperate improvements.

2.    All CME activities   require considerable effort on the part of course directors and the CME office before, during, and after these activities.  All departments desirous to conduct CME activities for the next calendar year will submit their requirement to the Office of PGME/CME by 20 December.  Office of PGME/CME will prepare a forecast of all CME activity at SIH, ensuring that the CME activities of various departments do not overlap, seek approval of the Medical Director for SIH sponsorship of activities as part of its overall CME program and communicate the forecast of CME activities to various departments.  After receipt of the forecast approved by the Medical Director, the concerned departments will process the applications to the PGME/CME office at least a month in advance of their schedule CME activity.

3.    Credit hours to be awarded will be the sole discretion of the concerned Department /PGME/CME Department and will depend upon the subject matter, status of the speaker, quality of the papers to be presented in the CME activity as per the PM&DC formula.

4.    All approved activities will be awarded certificates at the end of the activity by PGME & CME department. This method is also applicable for regular base activities which are being held at departmental level in SIH e.g. Grand Round, Journal Club, CPC & Multi CPC.

5.    PGME/CME Department will inform PM&DC, about the date & time of the CME, at least 15 days in advance, so that the PM&DC can send observers for the CME. Departmental Schedule will be send to PM&DC per week before start of the activity.

6.    The Accounts Department will maintain all accounts of CME activities (receipt/expenditure) and operate these as per the approval of Medical Director. In this regard one Main Account under the Title; CME Account will be maintained. This Main Account will have Sub Heads with respect to each individual department e.g. Main Account-CME, Sub Head Neurology, Cardiology, Pediatrics etc. The funds generated through registration/attendance fee/fundraising etc will be the source of income of each sub account and the expenditure on the CME activity will also be met from the respective account. SIH will neither fund nor utilize the CME Funds of respective departments.

7.    The expenditure on holding of the CME activity will be proposed by the Head of the Department to the Medical Director through the PGME/CME Office for the Medical Director’s approval.  No Educational activity will be accredited retrospectively. Full financial disclosure, including honoraria, reimbursements and grants, will be made in the proposal and approved by the Medical Director.

8.    The Media Department of SIH will contribute towards providing publicity for the CME activity at SIH.

9.    All literature related to SIH CME activity must receive the prior approval of the CME Committee before publication.  Therefore, all applications should include a draft form of any announcements, brochures, and programs associated with the CME activity, as these will be reviewed and may need to be revised in order to meet with the CME Committee's approval.

10.    Program Announcements for SIH CME activities must include the following:

a.    SIH must be identified on the cover of all program announcements as the sponsoring institution for CME activities.  SIH’s name must remain more prominent in program literature than any commercial company providing support for the activity.  It may be of equal size with co-sponsoring non-profit institutions or organizations, provided that this co-sponsorship is approved by the CME Committee (Medical Director, DMS, DSS, Director PGME & CME, and Course Director/CME Director)

b.    The stated objectives and a description of the target audience must appear on all printed announcements and publicity for CME activities.  Objectives must be focused upon changing physician behavior in order to improve patient care.  Therefore, objectives should state specifically what new knowledge the participant will gain, or what the participant will be able to do as a result of this program.  The value of the CME activity must be clear from its stated goals.

11.    At the conclusion of each CME activity, the Course Director and clinical department must     evaluate the quality of the program and the extent to which the objectives were met.  
12.    All fund raising activities will also be coordinated through the MSA/PGME/CME office and the account will be maintained by the finance department in the subhead account of the department.
13.      PGME Department would issue the certificate to the delegate who has attended the CME. No certificates would be distributed on the first day at the time of registration for the CME activity. The certificates would be distributed/ awarded only on the last day after completion of CME activity.
14.   PGME/ CME Department will maintain the feedback of the delegates and the list of the delegates who have attended the CME.
15.    It is the requirement of PMDC with effect from Jan 2015   that for renewal of PMDC registration 15 credit hours/contact hours will have to be submitted by GPs and 30     credit hours/contact hours by specialist.