Internship Program

Philosophy of Internship:

Internship is a period of transition from medical student to becoming a high caliber medical professional omega replica watches who is directly responsible for patient care. This transition has to be gradual and progressive, and is assisted through supervision from senior medical colleagues.  The internship is also a period of intense and close interaction with patients and their families, other doctors and members of the clinical team and the larger health care community.

Objectives of the internship program:

The internship consists of a one year of structured and supervised training program at SIH. During the year the intern will do rotations in various departments and by the end of the internship he/she should be able to:

Selection Process:

Basic Requirements:

General Guidelines:

100 % exposure of all the required internship objectives in each clinical discipline is a pre-requisite for effective learning in each discipline. Interns must make all possible efforts to attend all the academic sessions. ACLS certification is mandatory.


A minimum of 75 % attendance in each clinical discipline ( i.e Medicine and Allied , Surgery and Allied) is mandatory to be eligible for internship certificates.

Internship Activities:

Internship Activities include the morning report, M & M, CPC, Grand rounds, case-based noon discussions, and Journal club. EBM principles and relevant ethical issues will also be incorporated in the internship.

Evaluation/ Assessment: 

According to the Intern ship regulations laid down by the PM&DC in 2010, all the interns have to undergo an internal assessment exam during and at the end of their training. This exam will be compulsory for all and the certificate of completion of the house job will be given only after passing these internal assessments.

The interns will also be required to maintain a log book provided by the hospital which will also be included in the overall assessment.

The internal assessment will consist of a theory and a practical exam in addition to the ongoing monthly evaluation by the department. (Evaluation form attached at the end of the book)

Leave during internship:

All interns will be entitled for 10 days off (earned leave) during six months rotation. More than 20 days leave in 1 year will have to be compensated for by the end of the internship period by working same number of extra days.